Established in 1953 as Bombay State Finance Corporation, the Maharashtra State Financial Corporation has been playing a pivotal role in Maharashtra’s Industrial growth.


The main function of MSFC is to provide Term Loan assistance to Small and Medium scale industries.


Total sanction: Rs.3688 cr. Including Term loans of Rs. 3414 cr.Major Share to small scale units.Encouragement to first generation entrepreneurs.Dispersal of industries/service unit s to the backward and developing areas.Generated employment opportunities for about 14 lakh persons.Catalysed additional investment of about Rs. 6670 cr.Co-founded the well-known Maharashtra centre for Entrepreneurship Development, Aurangabad.

MSFC’s role in small-scale sector growth

Of the total term loans sanctioned Rs.2542 cr. Accounting for 74 percent amount wise and 94 percent number wise respectively have been directed in favour of the Small-scale sector.

MSFC in MIDC Areas

MSFC has granted a major share of its assistance to the units in MIDC Industrial Areas. Out of the total standings of Rs.1335 Cr. As on 31-09-2003, 65 percent of the loans have been given to the units in MIDC Industrial Areas. A large number of units assisted by MSFC have achieved magnificent success and are leading in their respective fields. MSFC is proud of the success of the assisted units.