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Everyone knows about Mumbai. When India got independence in 1948, a new north town subdivision of Mumbai was declared by Mayer modak Ji. Exactly 10 years after that, it was decided by the brave committee that this town should be increased and accommodation should be made available for those who are living in main Mumbai so that there is more crowd in main Mumbai. Thinking about this proposal, this project was approved by BMC, founded on 1 January 1992, and started from this new Mumbai, i.e., Navi Mumbai.

Now let’s talk about Navi Mumbai Corporation. When a separate department was created, it was controlled and maintained by the Navi Mumbai Corporation. Let us know in detail.

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation looks after all the affairs of Navi Mumbai spread over ​​about 162 sq km. The population of Navi Mumbai as per the 2001 census is 750,000.

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has divided its entire department into eight different nodes. Each node is divided into many groups and divided into sectors. Sectors are divided into bits. All these bits have been kept separately as a supervisor, which reaches all the facilities provided by the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation to the people of their bits.

There are 111 electoral wards in Navi Mumbai, which the corporation provides to the people. And apart from this, there are 32 departments in Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

There is also the official website of Navi Mumbai municipal corporation, through which people can get the solution of all the problems sitting at home. (

The address of Navi Mumabi Municipal Corporation is – New Building of Municipal, Corporation Ground Floor, Sector-15 A, Palm Beach Junction, CBD Belapur,  Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra.

NMMC is considered one of the most efficient Municipal corporations in India.

Navi Mumbai municipal corporation is considered one of the best municipal corporations in India. In 2014, the headquarter of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation was in CBD Belapur, which was then shifted to the new place after which the old NMMC building was leased out. At present, the new headquarter of NMMC is near killa junction. Where the highest Indian flag of Indica has been raised, whose height is about 225 feet, it can be seen anywhere in Navi Mumbai.

About Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Elections

The Navi Mumbai municipal corporation holds corporation elections once every five years, in which several national political parties are included. Bharatiya Janata Party, nationalist congress party, Shiv Sena, Indian National Congress, and independents etc.

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Upcycling Work

Navi Mumbai municipal corporation has started a project associated with the Green Society Forum. They are recycling all types of waste and inventing something new that is in the interest of society. In this total, four types of upcycling have been done so far.

  1. E-waste: By recycling e-waste, a big invention has been made by the name Mother India Board, in which a large working motherboard has been made using the bad motherboards of laptops.
  2. Metal Waste: – A metallic sculpture is made by recycling the metal waste from metal industries with an artistic purpose named Kinetic Art Sculpture. Which has now become an attraction for the people of Mumbai.
  3. Plastic waste: – Recycledelic FIFA Mural has been made using plastic, whose size is 6.5 Feet Diameter and weighs around 250 kg, which has become a model for plastic waste recycling.
  4. Junk music:- A new concept has been invented by Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation in which using plastic bottles, empty plastic cans, drums has created junk music, which is played at many events.

About Navi Mumbai municipal corporation works

Many types of work are done in Navi Mumbai municipal corporation, such as collecting water bill tax, taking property tax, giving civic services, etc. Along with this, they give many online facilities to the public. Things related to aadhar card, giving details of blood banks and stocks, providing data of air monitoring station, solid waste management, information of toilet, development control regulation, providing city bus system, working on Swachh Maharashtra campaign, PWDs Navi Mumbai municipal corporation performs all these main tasks, providing education and training services for the department, releasing work order details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • When the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation started?
  • The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation is started in 1888

  • Who heads Mumbai Municipal Corporation?
  • Mr. Iqbal Chahal is the current Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai.

  • How many corporations are there in Mumbai Municipal Corporation?
  • In Mumbai corporations, it consists of 9 corporations which are – Thane, Kalyan – Dombivali, Navi Mumbai, Ulhasnagar, Bhiwandi- Nizamapur, Vasai-Virar, Mira-Bhayandar, and Panvel.

  • Who is the Mayor of Mumbai?
  • Kishori Pednekar (SHS) is the Mayor of Mumbai.


    Navi Mumbai municipal corporation is one of the better municipal corporations serving the wellness needs of its public. Through necessary information, all their facilities are being provided to the people from time to time. Many types of work for clean Mumbai are explaining the meaning of cleanliness to the people through the campaign of clean Mumbai. Due to the epidemic like covid 19, necessary information and facilities are being given to the people. Navi Mumbai municipal corporation is doing all its work with dedication and hard work.

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