Apply Marriage certificate Online Municipal Corporation (BMC) Mumbai (Guide) 2022


So, you are ready to start your life with your dream partner and search for a marriage certificate. Then keep in mind that even after a grand marriage ceremony, both partners are not considered a husband and wife in the government’s eyes if they don’t have a marriage certificate.

A marriage certificate is a paper that proves that both partners are married by their own choice, and in case of bad conditions when both want to apply for divorce, this paper becomes one of the necessary items.

So, if you are confused and want to know how you can apply for the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Marriage certificate, you are in the right place. Just read all the information given below.

Marriage certificate

A marriage certificate is a form of paper which you can apply for offline as well as online which issued by a municipal corporation, and you can say that this certificate is like a license or a legal document that proves that both couples are ready to live as a husband and wife by their own choice.

In India, if you married wonderfully and have any eye witness about your marriage, you don’t need this certificate if you marry in a temple before your friends. This certificate becomes very important for your future use.

Why do you need a marriage certificate?

You will need a proper marriage certificate for several things. Some of them are given below. Just read them

You need to send copies of this certificate if you change your marital status for insurance.

You need this certificate to change your religion or change your name.

In some cases, you need to submit your marriage certificate for credit cards and bank account issues.

At last, you need this certificate when you want to apply for divorce.

If you understand the importance of a marriage certificate and want to apply for this certificate, then follow all the instructions given below in this article.

Maharashtra Marriage certificate online

As we know, the world is shifting towards online that’s why you get the facility for marriage registration online through a simple procedure. Generally, in Mumbai, citizens have to visit the registrar’s office and register for marriage after proper tradition, rituals, and customs as per the religion.

Now, you can apply for marriage registration through the official website of MCGM. Still, before applying, keep some important points in your mind, like – Marriage certificate procedure can be done offline. Still, only in 24 ward offices of Mumbai, you have to visit the ward office of your area and then apply according to the region-wise marriage certificate that will take place.

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Note:- All the steps you will read below are only for those who live in Mumbai or Maharashtra. This article is written for those who live in Mumbai, but if you are from any other place in Maharashtra, you also get some help if you follow the steps given below.

How to apply for Marriage Certificate online

If you want to apply for a marriage certificate, you are in the right place, and now you have to follow all the information and instructions as per the steps given below.

Step 1: Visit the official website of applesarkar or

You can also use this site to apply for a Birth certificate and Death certificate in Maharashtra.

Step 2: After that, you get two options, first is – create UserID using Aadhar online, and another is to enter data manually. You have to choose the second option and add all important data manually.

Step 3: An application form page will open, and you have to write your full name, father’s name, date of birth, age, gender, occupation, and other important details.

Step 4: Then the next page will open, and you have to add your address details, and on this page, you have to fill in your permanent address in both Hindi and English.

Step 5: You have to provide your mobile number and then click to send OTP. After verifying OTP, you have to make a unique username and password.

Step 6: After that, you have to attach some ID proof, and for this, you can choose the Voter ID and Aadhar Card option, and then you have to upload the softcopy of Aadhar and Voter ID of the person who applies for a marriage certificate.

Step 7: So, upload photos of documents and make sure the size of photos must be between 75KB to 100KB, and then click on Register.

Step 8: After submitting, you have to log in to the home page of this website by using the login details you get in “Step 5”.

Step 9: Now, choose the service which you want, which means if you want a marriage certificate, then choose the option of marriage certificate after login.

Step 10: After that, a page will open that request you to choose your district, Taluka,

Grampanchayat and marraige date. After filling in all those details, click on Apply.

Your process is complete, and your marriage certificate will be applied. It will take 2 to 4 weeks to apply when you get your marriage certificate.

If you lost your certificate, then visit the marriage registrar’s office with an application and corresponding fee, and you will get your new marriage certificate.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Who can apply for Mumbai Marriage Certificate

If the person is legally married, they can apply for a marriage certificate in a municipal corporation or block wherever they want after completing the proper marriage after all traditions and culture.

Where is marriage registration done?

Marriage registration could be done at the MCGM Ward office in your area.

Can parents be a witness to marriage registration in Mumbai?

Your parents or relatives with the same surname can’t be your witness. So, try to take your friends.


If you read all the above information, I think you understand the importance of a marriage certificate and how you can apply and get your marriage certificate. Keep those points in your mind. If you think this article provides you with complete information about the Mumbai Marriage certificate, do not forget to share this article and leave your valuable comment below.

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