Best Street Food in Mumbai 2022


Many people live in Mumbai, due to people of different sects, variations are seen in everyone’s food items. Just like Mumbai is known for its historical value, Mumbai street food has a lot of fans all over the world. More people are crowded on the street than hotels in Mumbai because street food is available in many places in Mumbai, the best street food in Mumbai.

Today, we will tell you in detail about the best street food in Mumbai.

Most Popular Street Food in Mumbai

A variety of food is available in Mumbai. Many international dishes are also prepared by the people here in their indigenous style. Which is delicious, but at the same time, it is at such a low price that even an ordinary person can buy it and say it. That’s why the street is crowded more than the hotels of Mumbai because people here like street food more. We have prepared some of the most popular street food on the Mumbai street food list, which will prove important to everyone if you ever go on a Mumbai tour. So let’s know the best street food in Mumbai.

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Wada Pav


Wada pav is the only food in Mumbai which is very popular and always top food. Or it would not be wrong to say that the first food choice of the people of Mumbai is Wada Pav. Many people know Mumbai only by the taste of WADA pav because many travelers who come to visit Mumbai do not go here without eating Wada pav.

The craze of Wada pav in Mumbai is huge. Vada Pav is a simple food prepared simply without adding any extra ingredients. It has a horizontally cut pav, and a WADA is inserted. It is served with peanut chutney and green chilies. The Wada made in this is made from many types of material, such as potato, pea, green chili, etc. Its taste is very good, and in Mumbai, it is available for only ₹ 10 per piece.

Vada pav is found in many places in Mumbai vile parle east, Borivali west, Patil Bhawan, CST area, Dadar west.

Ragda pattice

This is also one of the Best Veg Street Food in Mumbai, which everyone likes. Rubbing pattice is available at many places in Mumbai. It is made from potatoes, consists of potatoes and ragda are made from a mixture of peas and potato and then served with sev, onion stuffing. Ragda patties in Mumbai are only around 50-60 ₹ and are found in many places. Such as Santacruz West, near SIES college, near lbs market, near Elco market.


Having talked about the choice of Veg people, now you know which street food in Mumbai is best for nonveg people. So kebab comes first on this list. The craze of both veg and nonveg in Mumbai is the same. Kababs are made on grills or in clay ovens, and it is made from chicken served with cucumber chutney. This is the Best Street Food at Night because most people here only taste such mouth-watering food at night. Kebab in Mumbai comes at the rate of 100 to 200 ₹.

Kebab is top-rated in the street food list in Mumbai. It is available at places like R.S nimkar marg, marine drive, Horniman circle, 1/116 Bazar road, etc.

Juice and Falooda

Small children are attracted to juices and foods. Street vendors in Mumbai serve Falooda and juice in different ways, such as colorful and different flavors, juices etc. In Juices, all types of fruit juices, mixed fruit juices, healthy juices, chocolate juices, many such types of juices are found here. This is also one of the best street food in Mumbai. Many vendors sell falooda in Mumbai, and you will get to see a different type of falooda every time. Many types of stuffing are seen here in Falooda. The price of falooda and juice in Mumbai is only between ₹ 100- 150, which has all varieties.

Falooda and juices are found at places like Govind Patil road, LJ crossroad, link road in Mumbai.

Chinese bhel

This is a unique street food which is made in Mumbai. And its popularity is as much as that of other foods. From the Chinese bhel, you must have come to know that you must have put some Chinese temper in it. So you are right, Chinese bhel consists only of noodles which are already fried, then it is cut, adding spices, tossed and mixed, on top of which stuffing of onion and green coriander is given.

It is best in taste and is the favorite and best vegan street food in Mumbai for kids. The cost of its per plate is between ₹ 15-20, and it is not very expensive. It is found in many places in Mumbai like veer Savarkar marg, Sitaram Jadhav Marg, sutar Galli.

Pav bhaji

After Wada pav, the second favorite street food of Mumbai made from pav is pav bhaji. In this, a bhaji is served with pav made of a mixture of many types of vegetables, and Mumbai is the craze of pav bhaji but many people like it in Maharashtra.

Pav bhaji is available in Mumbai for only 30-40 ₹ according to the full plate, consisting of 4 pav pieces, which are given by frying in butter. It is also served in big hotels, but there is something different in street food; when you taste it, you will understand it.

Baji prabhu deshpande marg, mahapalika marg, dadar, senapati bapat marg are found here in the center of pav bhaji in Mumbai.

Kanda bhaji

Who does not like to eat hot bhajji during the rainy season? It is a common favorite food which many times people also make it at their home. You will see stalls of Kanda bhaji everywhere in Mumbai. The specialty of Kanda bhaji is its crispiness which makes the taste even better.

In Mumbai, Kanda bhaji is available for 10-20 ₹, and you will see one stall at any place all over Mumbai.


When it comes to Best Street Food in Mumbai 2021, water comes first. Along with the increasing number of people in Mumbai, people are fulfilling the requirement of food there in different ways, some by making some different food and some by giving more quantity food at less price, due to which there are variations of food here. There is no shortage, and each food has its speciality. That’s why the Mumbai Street Food List we have told you is only one-third part of Best Veg Street Food in Mumbai. Therefore, whenever you go to Mumbai, definitely enjoy the food there. The food here is also Best Street Food in Night and an all-time favorite.

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