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In India, every birth must be registered with the relevant state government under the Birth and Death Registration Act 1969. A birth certificate is a basic legal document issued by the government to register a person’s birth and identify them by name. Place, date of birth and parents.

Every citizen must be given a birth certificate in order to enjoy various government facilities. In this article, we will look at the procedure to get Maharashtra birth certificate.

Birth and Death Records Act, 1969

The Birth and Death Registration Act of 1969 regulates the procedure for registering births and deaths in India. According to this registration law, every birth must be reported to the responsible state government within 21 days of its birth. The departments that issue birth certificates in Maharashtra are:

  • Rural Development Department
  • Greater Mumbai City Company
  • Department of Urban Development

Purpose of obtaining a birth certificate

The purposes of obtaining a birth certificate are:

If you are thinking why you need to register for birth certificate, first of all this certificate is the proof that your baby is member of this country and more about the need of birth certificate is given below.

  • A birth certificate is one of the most important pieces of evidence to show an identity card to voters
  • A birth certificate is required for admission to an educational institution
  • Birth certificates are important proof of military serviceBirth certificates are important for managing inheritance and property rights
  • To get insurance benefits
  • In some places a birth certificate must be presented to obtain a marriage certificate and to prove age
  • To get a driver’s license and passport in India
  • To get a state pension and health insurance

How to do Birth Registration

To obtain a birth certificate, births must be registered with the relevant local authorities within 21 days from the date they occurred.

If the birth occurs in a hospital, nursing home or medical facility, such birth must be reported by the carrier

If the birth is carried out at home, the head of the household or other family member is responsible for reporting the birth.

Required documents

The following documents are required to obtain a Maharashtra birth certificate:

  • Proof of identity of parents for verification
  • Parents’ marriage certificate
  • Hospital letter – the child’s birth certificate issued by the hospital where the child was born
  • Parent’s birth certificate or SSC stamp

When you have to apply for birth certificate

Any birth occurring in Maharashtra must be registered with the relevant registry office within 21 days after the event at that venue. The birth certificate will only be issued if the birth certificate is included in Maharashtra birth certificate.

If the birth certificate is not obtained within 21 days of the completion of registration, a statement letter stating the reasons for delaying the birth certificate must be submitted to the local registrar.

Period of time take to release Birth Certificate

Maharashtra delivery certificate may be issued inside five days from the date of software.

Price you have to pay for Birth certificate

If you apply for Mumbai (Bombay) Municipal Corporation Birth certificate in online and offline mode then in both case you have to pay Rs.25 to Rs.30 to get birth certificate in Maharashtra.

Birth registration – offline method

You can apply for birth certificate through offline mode by visiting to block office of your area.

You need to carry an application in which you request for birth certificate and the application form must be in the specified format and after that submit that application to the responsible registry office along with a statement. Once verified by the agency, the birth date in the Maharashtra state birth record will be updated.

Information you need to add during apply for Mumbai (Bombay) Municipal Corporation Birth certificate.

If you want to apply for a birth certificate in Mumbai then you need some important documents and data which is given below:

  • Child’s date of birth
  • Child gender
  • Child Name – If not present, leave blank
  • Name of father or mother
  • Place of birth
  • Child’s weight
  • The info of the medical institution in which the child was born

How to apply for Mumbai (Bombay) Municipal Corporation Birth certificate (Online)

If you want to apply for Mumbai (Bombay) Municipal Corporation Birth certificate, then you have to follow some simple steps as per instructions which given below

Step 1 – Visit Homepage of official website of Maharashtra birth certificate

When you visit to the official website then fill in all of the required information and click Submit. If the birth occurred in a home, click on this registration link “Maharashtra’s birth certificate”

Step 2 – Register Maharashtra birth certificate

Download and print the application form. Submit the application form to the responsible registrar. After successfully submitting the application, the applicant will receive a confirmation email to the email address provided.

Application status will be updated via email. After registering the birth, the applicant can practice for a start certificate

How to apply for a birth certificate through the MCGM portal (Online)

This is another online portal where you can apply for Mumbai (Bombay) Municipal Corporation Birth certificate. The system for applying delivery certificates through the Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation (MCGM) is as follows:

Step 1 – Visit the Greater Mumbai City Company home page to apply for a birth certificate.

Step 2 – Your Go to the online services menu and select cyber CFC. Choose the right menu and Give details like – Provide candidate details like name, email ID, mobile number and address. Click the Preview button.

Once you have entered all the required information, click Submit.

Step 3 – When you complete all the forms then a confirmation appears with the app number, take note of the app number for future use. Submit the application to the nearest responsible registry office. After reviewing and approving the application; the registry office issues a birth certificate within 7 working days.

How to apply for a Mumbai (Bombay) Municipal Corporation Birth certificate through the town improvement office

To apply for a Mumbai (Bombay) Municipal Corporation Birth certificate through the Ministry of Rural or Urban Development, do the following steps

Step 1 – The applicant must visit the home page of the Aaple Sarkar website.

Step 2 – Enter the portal, and then select the RTS option on the main page.

Step 3 – After that Maharashtra birth certificate page will open and then you have to proceed with all important details.

Step 4 – If the candidate is a new consumer, click on at the registration button to take advantage of the possibilities provided by the aaple sarkar website. Log in to the portal with your username and password to apply for a birth certificate.

Step 5 – Now, give details, and after that Find Rural or Urban Development and select the Birth Certificate option from the menu. On the new page, enter all the required information for the certificate.

Step 6 – After that you have to pay and Review the details entered and click on payment options. After successful payment, the application is submitted to the responsible department.

Step 7 – After payment you can check the status of your Mumbai (Bombay) Municipal Corporation Birth certificate.


Mumbai Birth Certificates are issued by the Great Mumbai City Company. First you need to register the child’s name by filling out an application that will be issued at the office. After registration, a birth certificate will be issued at the hospital or at the city administration office. The process takes a few days and you will be notified that the birth certificate has been received.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: How do I get my birth certificate online?

Ans: Depending on the city or state where a person applies for their birth certificate, websites change, with each state of India having a specific website. However, the rules are the same and must be approved by the regional council. Applicants must fill out an online form with their personal information and submit the information on the website. You will need to select the local council for which you want to register births as this is where they collect information.

Q2: How can I download my birth certificate in Maharashtra online?

In most Indian states, state governments issue birth certificates, but some websites coordinate with the city’s birth and death registers. Applicants must register on the website and upload their information. You can receive your birth certificate from the registry office or send it to your address by post.

Q3: Where can I apply for a birth certificate?

Ans: If people do not wish to coordinate applications for their birth certificates over the Internet, they can file them through the state administration, depending on where they live. You have to fill out the form and submit it. The certificate will be delivered to your home or you can pick it up yourself at the office later. Most city-states with major subways and business centers such as Maharashtra, Hyderabad and Karnataka have excellent online systems for coordinating processes over the internet, with the largest populations registering online.

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